Universal Eco-Symbol

All-Purpose Symbol for Environmental Awareness

Free Conservation Eco-Stickers
Free Conservation Stickers Lights  Water Paper Recycle Litter
Free Conservation Stickers - 6 standard messages -- See Order Info Below - Click image to see full size
Free Eco-Stickers waterproof polyester. Available with custom imprint.
Free Eco-Stickers Click on image for larger size

Receive up to 25


Suitable for Outdoors

To Order Free Stickers
Use Eco-Sticker
Request Form [PDF]

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Lights Off & Water stickers 1 X 2-1/2 in

others 1-1/2  X 2-1/2 in

Use Eco-Stickers to:
Save Money

Encourage Conservation

Remind yourself and others

everyday activities
impact the environment

Additional Stickers Available

See order information below
and on Mail-in Request Form

 Get Custom Design Stickers
at no extra charge.

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Custom conservation stickers - Lights Water Recycle Litter Paper
Click on Picture to See Full Size. Custom Design Eco-Stickers - No Extra Charge - Minimum order $10
Please Don't Waste Paper Click on image to see larger
Order Form for Free Eco-Stickers 

Six stock messages--

Please Don't Litter [waste receptacles]

Please Turn Lights Off [on light switches]

Please Don't Waste Water
[near sinks & showers]

Please Don't Waste Paper
[for paper towel & napkin dispensers]

Please Recycle &
Waste Less, Recycle More [recycling containers & vending machines]    

Custom wording and imprinting available. See below.

If you have difficulty with the PDF, you can Copy and Print this below. Highlight text and print 'Selection'

First Name:

Last Name:

Mailing Address:

Phone (optional)

Email Address:

On what will you be placing the stickers? (Matters only for Free stickers)

How did you hear about us and why are you supporting this campaign?

Mail completed form with self-addressed stamped ($.46) standard letter envelope to:
One with the Earth Project 824 N Berks St., Allentown, PA 18104

Get up to 25 Total - Same or Assorted (Please order only what you will use.) Free stickers are available to people who agree to personally use them as described below. For other uses and for additional stickers, see prices below. Multiple requests for free stickers for or by the same person, household, business or institution (e.g. school, municipality) and requests without a stamped return envelope will not be filled. Free sticker offer good only in USA. Eco-stickers are waterproof polyester.

Indicate how many of each sticker you can use:

_____Please Don't Waste Paper
Use on paper towel and napkin dispensers

_____Please Don't Waste Water
Use near sinks, showers, outdoor faucets

_____Waste Less, Recycle More
Use on recycling containers and bottled/canned drink vending machines

_____Please Recycle
Use on recycling containers and bottled/canned drink vending machines

_____Please Don't Litter
Use on waste receptacles

_____Please Turn Lights
Use on light switches

Additional stickers are available for purchase in any quantity.  Lights Off and Don’t Waste Water stickers are $.05. Others are $.10 each. .  There is no minimum. You can make a note on request form and include a check payable to One with the Earth Project or call me to pay with bank card. Stickers can be customized with your logo and message at no extra charge. Please call or email for information.  There is no charge for shipping in the US.  Contact: Dan Poresky dan@onewiththeearth.org or call 610-434-1396. See usage examples: www.onewiththeearth.org


Color your own eco-stickers
Print out PDF (not picture) for kids to color and to learn

Especially for Young People
You Are Sunshine

Color your own Eco-Stickers

Print out sheet as shown at left (PDF)

Color the conservation reminder stickers and use around the house.

The page also includes an explanation why it is really true that
'You Are Sunshine'.

Print on any paper or use full sheet sticker material such as Avery 8255

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Print out sheet of 12 assorted Eco-Stickers (PDF)
Image Not Shown

Universal Environmental Symbol
All-Purpose Sustainability Symbol for Environmental Awareness
The symbol design represents the sun
(the source of all life's energy),
water (covers 70% of the Earth's surface),
land (30% of the Earth's surface) and life.

The symbol is free for all to use--
It is not associated with any organization, group, business or political party

The symbol says:
All environmental concerns are components of one overarching goal:
to ensure a livable world for our children and future generations 

Click Here to Download
Universal Eco-Symbol

~ Testimonial ~

Hi Dan:
Thank you for the recycling stickers, I feel they are really
making a difference in our tutoring center, we would really like 4
Please Turn Off Lights stickers and, for my thanks, I will bring your
flyer to my commission meeting (meeting with my councilman) this week
and let Berkeley know that there is a unified symbol that could be
adopted city wide. These things take time, I will definitely give it my
best shot.


Berkeley, CA
January, 2007

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Make up your own 'One with the Earth'
Return address labels

Formatted for Avery 5160/8160 or compatable 1" x 2 1/2 address labels.
Yields 30 address labels per page. [Word.doc]

Make up your own 'One with the Earth'

Use for cards and letters. Formatted for Avery 5160/8160 or compatable 1" x 2 1/2 address labels. Yields 90 stickers per page. [Word.doc] Symbol artwork can be copied off our website for use on websites, email, printed material, T-shirts, jewelry and whatever else you can imagine. [ See Samples]

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