Universal Eco-Symbol

All-Purpose Symbol for Environmental Awareness

Symbol Artwork and Uses
Universal environmental symbol
Universal Environmental Symbol. Copy and use as desired. See variations below.

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Uses for the Universal Eco-Symbol: (see pictures below)

  • Email
  • Flyers
  • Tattoo
  • Jewelry
  • Website
  • Brochures
  • Stationary
  • Return address labels
  • Car, home or office windows

Print your own 3/4 inch mini-stickers and address labels. Formatted for standard avery address labels. See near bottom of Free Sticker Page.

Hand Painted on Scrap Wood
Good morning. How are you today.

I recently viewed your site and found it informative, accurate (per my research), and very inspiring.

Our family has always maintained an enviromental consciousness, but only until recently have we realized that we can and must be more conscious of our actions and practices. Like yourself, my wife Linda and I would like to make the world a better place for our children and their children to come.

I have adopted your One with the Earth symbol and proudly have it on our front porch to help create environmental awareness.

Thank you for your contribution to our Earth and for your inspiration to ourselves.

Very truly yours,

S. Pearson
Pittsburgh, PA
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Becky enjoys sculpting and decorating pendants
Becky's 'One with the Earth' Pendants
Becky's 1-1/2 inch 'One with the Earth' Shephard figures
Make up your own 'One with the Earth' labels. Access form from home page.

 Universal Eco-Symbol
for environmental awareness
Also know as 'One with the Earth'

The Universal Eco-Symbol makes the statement that all environmental concerns are interconnected parts of one overarching challenge, ensuring a livable world for our children and future generations.

The design elements represent water (covers 70% of the Earth's surface), land (30%), sun and life.
The symbol encourages personal, corporate and public responsibility for protecting the environment. With widespread use, the symbol will increase support for sustainability efforts and build demand for Earth friendly policies and products.

The symbol design is free to use. See examples below.

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Buttons and customized
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Some illustrations were created by inserting the symbol into the image.
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What do all these solicitation letters have in common?
"...while we are one with the earth, nurtured by its beauty and abundance and kin to all of its life-forms, we are also its caretakers and co-creators..." -Lesta Bertoia, artist -- Click on image for larger view.
 [The artist's statement]

Dan and I met over a spiral of stones he was photographing for the Circle of Stones ritual theater company managed by Pana Columbus and Scott Eggert. He mentioned that he'd love to have someone make a painting around his One with the Earth symbol.

I decided that the spiral of stones would be a natural starting point in my depiction of Earth's treasures. The shape and colors of Dan's symbol suggested the rest of the painting - the sun and the tulip reflecting the yellow, the stream and the planet reflecting the blue, the tree and grass reflecting the green. The presence of people and animals is self-evident, while a closer look at the tree trunk will show both the tree and a human form within it raising limbs in a celebration of life, just as the symbol itself suggests this uplifted attitude.

What surprised me when I'd finished the painting was that in the process of lifting my eyes from the straight-on view of the tree to the spiral of stones laid out on a grassy background, I almost gasped at the sensation of lifting up out of a forward perspective into a downward one.

And of course finding myself looking at the whole blue planet from far away adds to the feeling that I'm in a more comprehensive perspective altogether, which seems to me is the message at the heart of Dan's symbol -- while we are one with the earth, nurtured by its beauty and abundance and kin to all of its life-forms, we are also its caretakers and co-creators, and being reminded of that responsibility is both humbling and expansive, a circle complete unto itself.

Information about Lesta Bertoia's artwork and writing can be found on her Website